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Rooted in Decency

Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways

What happened to common decency?
... And how do we get it back?

Take a quick scan of the headlines and… wow. From disrespect to deceptions, it’s easy to question whether indecency has taken root in our society. Some people are doing what they think is “right” while others think it’s terribly, morally “wrong.” It can make you wonder, Do we even share common values anymore?

Rooted in Decency is a book that reveals some surprising reasons behind why people are acting so wrongly toward each other and why that can make life feel so off-balance. While it’s based on intriguing research from modern science to ancient moral philosophy, Rooted in Decency is written in straightforward language for a busy audience. Each book chapter is a short conversation that presents brilliant insights—from neuroscience to happiness science, from Aristotle to Buddha—that bring new light to today’s moral dilemmas.

Find intriguing discussions like:

  • Why people are so willing to believe lies
  • How happiness is tied to self-respect
  • Which core values the world’s major religions have in common
  • Why you can’t shame someone into agreeing with you

Taken alone, each chapter offers an “a-ha” insight that can change the tone of how we relate to each other. Or, journey through all the chapters to develop a modern moral compass that can guide society to a place that’s rooted in decency.

Coming October 4, 2022 in print and ebook

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Explore the Table of Contents

1- Finding Lasting Happiness: Why happiness comes and goes, and how that’s a good thing.

2- Mindless Thinking: How extreme thinking is knocking us off-balance

3- The Body’s Language: How there’s a positive side to “negative” emotions

4- Spirited Connection: How feeding your spirit includes a side dish of happiness and meaning

5- Self-Respect vs. Self-Esteem: Why it’s good to feel bad sometimes

6- You be You—Unless You’re a Jerk: Why we voluntarily give up some freedoms to be part of society

7- Competing Moral Priorities: Why people think they’re “right” when others think they’re “wrong”

8- Us Versus Them: How group identity isn’t the real problem

9- The Contagion of Cruelty and Kindness: In a world with so much negativity, why bother trying?

10- The Myth of Perfection: Why life is a series of moments for practicing who you want to be

11- Right and Wrong: Where do moral values come from?

12- Shared Values: Which values do the world’s belief systems have in common?

13- Defining a Moral Compass: What are your guiding principles?

14- What is Truth?: Why we paint the truth in shades of gray

15- Trust Me: Why the truth still matters

16- The Post-Truth Con: Why people lie and why we’re willing to believe them

17- What is Respect?: How too little and too much respect are destabilizing society

18- Working Against Ourselves: Why you can’t disrespect (or shame) someone into agreeing with you

19- What is Responsibility?: Why responsibility is a blend of empowerment and justice

20- Life After Victimhood: How to move society past a grievance state

21- What is Compassion?: Why compassion is not about eliminating suffering

22- The Bright Side: How a little perspective changes everything

Brief chapters with optional journaling

Rooted in Decency Book Interior

Each short chapter in Rooted in Decency offers surprising nuggets of wisdom that can help shed new light on today’s moral issues. 

Plus, optional journaling pages throughout the book help you explore your own experiences, if you choose.

Bringing nuance back into moral decisions

With all the extremes in how people approach life today, we often look at big issues with an over-simplified view of our options. But moral decisions are rarely all-or-nothing choices. Life is full of nuance so the way we think through what’s right and wrong should be also.

Take truth telling for example. Sometimes, a polite lie is the right thing to do. But where’s the line between white lies and deception? Or looking at responsibility—often it’s a matter of when we should intervene, how much, and in what way.

With all the divisiveness in our culture today, we need to reset our common understanding of right, wrong, and all the shades of gray in between if we’re going to find reasonable solutions to complex moral dilemmas.

Part Three of the book, Rooted in Decency, walks through how to create a modern moral compass that we can use to talk about issues more productively with each other. We’ll view contentious issues through a new lens that can bridge our divides and help us find a shared set of values that can guide our society back to being rooted in decency.

Rooted in Decency Moral Compass and Value Continuums

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