Do Good Better podcast with Patrick Kirby and Colleen Doyle Bryant

Non-profit insights

Navigating the negativity to keep doing good

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What's the point podcast with Bill Ellis and Colleen Doyle Bryant

Finding purpose

How common decency creates purpose and wellbeing

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What is Self-Respect

What is self respect and how is it different from self-esteem?

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Raising kids with good character podcast

Raising kids with good character

How to teach kids to embrace honesty, responsibility, self-respect

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Mountains with glowing sunrise

4 Core Human Values

Which core moral values do we share as humans?

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People standing together in business attire

Toxic Workplace Culture

Common decency- a back-to-basics reminder of respect and honesty at work

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Podcast on honesty and respect in teens

Power your Parenting

Teaching honesty and respect to teens

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Storm clouds over a mountain

Speaking in Extremes

How exaggerating negatives hurts mental wellness

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Author Colleen Doyle Bryant talks about shame and shared values on The Unlearning Podcast

Shame, core values, and common ground

Colleen talks about why shame drives people apart on The Unlearning Podcast

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Author Colleen Doyle Bryant talks about the importance of respect on How to Be a Better Person Podcast

Why respect is important and how we can build more of it

Colleen talks about respect on the How to Be A Better Person podcast

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Gratitude Journals on a field of flowers

Gratitude Journaling Boosts Wellness

12 free printable gratitude journaling pages to kick start happiness and wellbeing

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Lighting on a purple background

Why is political violence increasing?

How moral disgust and public shaming contribute to a culture of threat and a change in some people's moral codes.

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Sunrise over a field of flowers with mountains

4 Essential Values for Happiness and Well-being

Modern science and ancient moral philosophy reveal 4 essential values to a life well-lived.

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A kayaker surrounded by jungle forest

Personal Values vs Moral Values- Beware of misleading personal values tests

Personal values assessments are popping up all over the internet. Beware of misleading personal values tests.

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Stack of very old books

What is the Golden Rule?

The Golden Rule appears in at least 6 major world religions, and forms the basis for civil society.

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Rocks in sand with zen-like concentric circles

What is Morality?

The word "morality" may conjur unpleasant images of finger-wagging and judgment. But the real defintion of morality is much friendlier. Explore what morality is and where values came from.

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