Honest, empathy, self-respect... raising kids with good character and values

A conversation with common decency expert Colleen Doyle Bryant and Toni Nieuwhof on the Smart Family Podcast

Raising kids with good character- common decency expert Colleen Doyle Bryant and Toni Nieuwhof on Smart Family Podcast

How do you help children grow up with an intrinsic sense that they should be honest and responsible? Common decency expert, Colleen Doyle Bryant, and Toni Nieuwhof, host of the Smart Family Podcast, explore practical techniques for raising kids who embrace honesty, responsibility, self-respect and more good traits.

Learn some real-world tips for raising kids who make good choices for the right reasons:

- How to counter the self-esteem revolution and help kids focus on building self-respect instead
- Tips for teaching kids to value honesty
- Techniques to help kids solve their own arguments

When a child has done something wrong and then they lie to cover it up, what the studies show … is that 98% of parents will deal with the wrong doing but they won’t talk about the lie… What that does is it teaches your child that they have nothing to lose by trying to lie to you.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

The self-esteem parenting revolution took away the sense of empowerment in our children—[the awareness] that they have control over what they do and how they impact people, and what sorts of good and bad feelings they create in their lives.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

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