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Links to some of the best resources for defining and teaching about respect

Respect teaching resources

Respect—it feels like we could use more of that right now, am I right? Well if you’re looking for some ideas about what respect is, why it’s important, and how to teach others about respect, then you’ve come to the right place. These are some of the best resources for learning about respect in simple words that make sense in real life.

Resources for adults Resources for kids

Resources for Adults

Resource on respect including definition and examples

What is respect and the Respect Continuum

In this free chapter from the book, Rooted in Decency, learn more about the real meaning of respect, and how to use the Respect Continuum as a framework to help you find the lines around right and wrong when it comes to respect.

Resource on self-respect including definition and examples

What is self-respect and how to build it

Learn important differences between self-respect and self-esteem, including how one of them helps create wellbeing better than the other. Tips for how to build self-respect.

Resources for kids

Respect definition and examples in simple terms for kids

What is respect in simple terms

Try this definition of respect written in simple terms that kids can understand. This popular resource from our sister site, Talking with Trees, includes examples of respect and links to teaching resources to help kids learn about respect.

Resources for teaching kids about respect including lessons and worksheets

Respect teaching resources

Find worksheets, lesson plans, videos, presentations, and more incredible resources at our sister site, Talking with Trees, that help children learn what respect is and how to be respectful.

Author Colleen Doyle Bryant
Colleen Doyle Bryant is the author of five books and more than 50 learning resources about character and values for kids, teens, and adults. Her latest book, Rooted in Decency, looks at the decline in common decency in society and ways that we can build more trust and cooperation. Learn more at

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