Teaching kids and teens the value of honesty

Tips and techniques for teaching honesty that really work

Common parenting myths about teaching honesty that encourage kids and teens to lie

For over a decade I’ve been writing books and teaching resources that help kids and teens learn to be honest, and to do it for the right reasons. So when I launched my recent book for adults on how to be a decent human, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that one of the topics people wanted to hear about most was how to teach their kids and teens to be honest.

Parents value honesty as one of the most important traits to teach their children. I can relate, because it’s what got me interested in writing about honesty and other good traits for kids in the first place. About 20 years ago, I saw that my children’s school seemed to be teaching them good traits in a way that didn't connect them to the value of being a good person. At the time, schools and parenting were so overly focused on self-esteem that my kids weren't learning about the self-respect that comes from being honest with ourselves and others. (What's the difference between self-esteem and self-respect?)

So I spent some time figuring out how to teach my kids to be honest and decent humans for the right reasons, and then, I created books and teaching resources that are now used in curriculums around the world. Since we all like to learn differently, I’ve gathered below some of my favorite resources on teaching honesty as well as a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get about teaching kids to be honest.