Finding purpose through common decency

A conversation with common decency expert Colleen Doyle Bryant and Brand Architect Bill Ellis on the What's the Point Podcast

Finding purpose through common decency- Colleen Doyle Bryant and Bill Ellis on the What's the Point Podcast

How do you find purpose in life? What has inspired others to find their purpose? Join common decency expert, Colleen Doyle Bryant, and Bill Ellis, host of the What's the Point Podcast, as they explore how living with four core values contributes to a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Bill Ellis, is a brand architect who helps people find the point of their brand so they can deliver more relational value with customers and prospects. His podcast, What’s the point?, features people who have discovered their purpose, fueled it with passion, and driven it through persistence. In this episode, Bill interviews Colleen Doyle Bryant about her purpose to help people find more wellbeing through common decency. Explore topics including:

  • How do your books for young children and teens help them build character and values that serve their wellbeing?
  • What did you find during research for the book Rooted in Decency about helping people find inner peace and purpose?
  • How do we tone down some of the challenges to common decency today?
  • What are the four core values that help people develop their own wellbeing and to thrive together?

Listen in to Episode 66 of What's the Point? Podcast With Bill Ellis or watch it on YouTube below

Responsibility is empowerment. It means you get to control the outcomes of your life. [Responsibility can be] scary, but also a huge source of control over your own life, your sense of agency, and your mental wellness.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

When you ask people… what’s your purpose, they seem to think about… those, “How am I impacting humanity?” sorts of purposes. But really in life, every moment of every day, you’re impacting people in those rings that are closer in, with family, and friends, and coworkers, and community.

Colleen Doyle Bryant